Avoid Car Problems with Car Maintenance Services

Come to Heads Up Automotive for your car maintenance services, prevent car problems and keep your vehicle in shape!

What Will It Cost?

Since Heads Up Automotive is locally owned and operated, price and service are paramount to our success within the community so you can expect our prices to be competitive and our service second to none. For the most accurate estimate, take your vehicle to Heads Up Automotive for a free inspection.  Our trained technicians can then assess your vehicle’s needs, answer any questions and review your options.

What are all these maintenance services?

• Oil and Lube Service
• Tire Safety Check
• Tire Rotation
• Tune Ups
• Fuel Injection Cleaning
• Transmission Flush
• Battery Replacement
• Cooling Systems Flush
• Hoses
• Thermostats
• Radiator Caps
• Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement
• Trailer Hitch Installation
• Belt Replacement
• Fuel Economy

What are all these maintenance services for?

It is very important to maintain your vehicle in order to ensure proper running condition and to maximize the life of your vehicle.  Below is a list of auto maintenance services and explanations of what each service entails and why it is necessary for your vehicle.  For more information about the auto maintenance services required for your specific vehicle, consult your owner’s manual.