Mercedes Servicing

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We can offer the following service items:

  • Check engine light diagnostics
  • Oil changes
  • Timing belt/water pump Packages
  • CV Boot replacement
  • Brake inspection and replacement
  • Serpentine belts
  • Light bulbs
  • Oil leak detection and repair
  • A/C Servicing

Mercedes-Benz Recommended Service Packages

Mercedes-Benz Service A

The Mercedes-Benz Service A is the smaller of the two inspection services recommended by Mercedes-Benz. It includes the basic items that assure safety and full functionality of your vehicle. Here is an example of what is performed during the Service A:

  • Synthetic Motor Oil Replacement
  • Oil Filter Replacement
  • All fluid level checks and corrections are dependent on factory-recommended service intervals for your vehicle’s year and model.
  • Tire inflation check and correction
  • Brake inspection
  • Reset maintenance counter
  • Adhere to all required elements listed by model year and specific model as indicated on the corresponding service sheet for Mercedes-Benz Maintenance Systems in the USA

Mercedes-Benz Service B

The Mercedes-Benz Service B is the larger of the two Inspection Services and includes all of the items performed on the Service A along with many extras. Here is an example of what is performed during a Service B:

  • Replacement of the Air filter
  • Replacement of the Micro-Filter (Cabin air filter)
  • Replace Engine oil & filter
  • Replacement of the Fuel filter
  • Replacement of the Spark plugs
  • Inspect Brake pads & discs
  • Inspect Catalytic converter & shielding
  • Inspect Cooling system
  • Inspect Engine drive belts
  • Inspect Exhaust pipe & muffler
  • Inspect Fuel, vapor lines & fuel cap
  • Inspect OBD system for codes
  • Inspect Parking brake system
  • Inspect Power steering system
  • Inspect Rear axle fluid
  • Inspect Steering play, suspension track rods, front axle joints
  • Inspect Throttle linkage
  • Inspect Transmission fluid/oil
  • Inspect Wheel centering hubs
  • Inspect/Reset Maintenance Indicators

Plus much more!

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